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Genesis HealthCare Announces Resident and Staff COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Rates 

To date, 84% of skilled nursing residents and 61% of skilled nursing staff have been vaccinated; Staff acceptance rates far exceed national average as reported by CDC read more

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What is PowerBack Rehabilitation?
PowerBack offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation services for patients leaving the hospital but who are not quite ready to go home. PowerBack employs highly trained licensed professionals who utilize aggressive therapy plans and the most advanced technology along with services and amenities found in better hotels. Don’t choose the location closest to your home for your post-hospital rehabilitation. Chose the location that is best able to get you back home! PowerBack is now available in 11 locations across CO, MD, NJ and PA.

The Role of the discharge planner.
The surprise of many patients is they often don't go straight home. There's an interim step (physical rehabilitation) which most hospitals don't do. If you're like many people, you'll feel put on the spot when the hospital discharge planner asks you which rehabilitation facility you want to go to. more >

FOCUS.It's not about syrupy sweet care. It's about getting you back to your life.Your life is waiting for you, and there's not a minute to waste. Lots of the facilities talk about their cushy amenities, like restaurant-style food and decor. POWERBACK has all that too, it's just not what you're in here for. more >

Getting you home faster
Everything at POWERBACK is geared to get you home as soon as possible. The latest equipment, highly trained professionals, proven regimens. more >Power Card
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