What to Expect

Once you’ve chosen POWERBACK, we work with your hospital for a smooth transition to our nearest location. From transportation to settling-in, you have a variety of options for everything from your care plan, your accommodations, to your daily routine.


At POWERBACK, you are not at a rest home. Our singular goal is to help you get your Power Back so you can get back home as soon as possible. This means that much of your time with us will be spent working on that goal. Our specialists at POWERBACK will create a personalized therapy program that is tailored to your condition, age, and activity level. We find the harder our patients work at POWERBACK, the quicker they are able to go home and get back to the things they love doing the most.

What to bring

You can wear your own, comfortable clothes and bring your personal care items - soap, shampoo, shaving supplies, facial care items, etc. If you’re most comfortable sleeping with your own pillow/blankets/comforter, feel free to bring those items. Family or friends may launder your clothing or we will be happy to arrange for dry cleaning service.

If you enjoy reading, watching DVDs or listening to music, we have many options available, but you may bring personal iPods or any other leisure activities of choice.

You may have visitors when you want them, just keep in mind the needs of other patients and your own need for rest to regain strength and keep in optimal health.

You’ll want to bring several changes of exercise and comfortable clothing, athletic shoes, robe/slippers/pajamas, toothbrush/toothpaste, personal grooming items, and/or anything you would use on a daily basis.


Helpful Documentation

• Proof of Citizenship - Passport, Birth Certificate, State-issued Photo ID.

• Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Insurance Cards, Prescription Drug Cards

• Supporting documents if applicable - Power of Attorney, Guardian, Surrogate, etc.


What will I do at POWERBACK Rehabilitation?

• Participate in a personalized therapy program

• Keep to your normal daily routine (dressing/grooming)

• Optional individual and group leisure activities available

• Enjoy fine dining options or meals in your own room

• Work with staff to plan your transition home